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Swell Productions is the product of a photographer’s eye and an explorer’s heart, born on a fragile sandbar and raised skipping across continents. I’ve always been a storyteller, and although tales of my mischievous childhood or years spent satiating an innate wanderlust could fill a fairly comprehensive tome, I find far more satisfaction in helping others tell their own.
-Chris Hannant


ABOUT swell

Chris Hannant has been shooting photography for over 20 years at home on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, but after obtaining a BFA in photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design, he fell in love with the creative process and dynamics of film. His photographic eye along with an appreciation for natural light and beauty has spilled into his film making to create a unique perspective within the realm of video. His photography and film making has taken him across 44 states, 28 countries, and 5 continents, sharpening his skills to working in environments beyond imagination. In 2010 he created Swell Productions.

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chris hannant

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Turning your wedding day into
cinematic art

Chris is part of a very select crew that can express emotions and capture real moments through his lens. he came up with something that gave me chills.

The first time I saw our short film, I had chills from head to toe and happy tears streaming down my face.

I joked with my family and said they were the Martin Scorsese of the wedding film world.

We could not have imagined a more amazing masterpiece.

If you are considering any other videographer for your wedding, you should think again.

After watching the finished short film for the first time, I had absolutely no words. My husband cried.

When we first watched our short film, we were blown away. Family and friends of ours all said it looked like a movie trailer.