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Swell Productions is the product of a photographer’s eye and an explorer’s heart, born on a fragile sandbar and raised skipping across continents. I’ve always been a storyteller, and although tales of my mischievous childhood or years spent satiating an innate wanderlust could fill a fairly comprehensive tome, I find far more satisfaction in helping others tell their own.

-Chris Hannant


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Passion projects from around the planet

Chris is part of a very select crew that can express emotions and capture real moments through his lens. he came up with something that gave me chills.

The first time I saw our short film, I had chills from head to toe and happy tears streaming down my face.

I joked with my family and said they were the Martin Scorsese of the wedding film world.

We could not have imagined a more amazing masterpiece.

If you are considering any other videographer for your wedding, you should think again.

After watching the finished short film for the first time, I had absolutely no words. My husband cried.

When we first watched our short film, we were blown away. Family and friends of ours all said it looked like a movie trailer.